On the 5th of November this year, it will be 30 years ago since Georges Franju passed away. Franju
was a pioneer of gore with his masterpiece Les Yeux sans Visage, which soon became a reference for
young upstarts such as Hershell Gordon Lewis and Georges Romero. For the occasion, the BIFFF will
organize a screening of the films as an homage to this monument of horror. And because we’re generous
with surprises for this 35th edition, the projection will be followed by an exceptional encounter
with Edith Scob, Franju’s muse and unforgettable as Christiane Génessier in Les Yeux sans Visage, Edith
Scob worked with the best (Luis Bunuel, Raoul Ruiz, Henri Verneuil, Leos Carax…) and excelled in
drama as well as in genre films such as Le Pacte des Loups or Vidocq. Edith Scob, twice nominated for
a César, has taken a different direction than her artistic mentor Franju, but the five films they made
together are a beautiful and unique story which she’s willing to share with us.

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