After enduring fourteen days adrift in a life raft, on the high seas off the British coast, with no food, or water, and with very little life left in her, Kate Callaghan is rescued by the Belgian coast guard. While adrift at sea, Kate, had to live through the excruciating physical and emotional pain of seeing her estranged husband and daughter die, while she was unable to help them. Kate, the lonely survivor, can’t explain why she made it and the others didn’t and media speculation runs rampant. While Kate is still in the hospital recuperating, the Belgian police begin interrogating her, like the murder suspect she is. Lieutenant Pieter Willems is assigned to the case. Suspicions of foul play are fueled by the discovery that the yacht was stolen, and augmented by Kate’s apparent lack of emotion and the decomposing body of a man with his throat slit that has washed up onto the beach. The Police need only wait for the DNA analysis to confirm the identity of the man, and her guilt. Based on Louise Longo’s autobiographical novel, Let Me Survive lets the spectator live through the same emotions of fear, hopelessness and horror experienced by this English family. This tense mystery thriller benefits from an international cast with Kierston Wareing ( Fish Tank ) and Craig Fairbrass ( Cliffhanger, Darklands ) and, of course, Belgian acting talent such as Sam Louwyck ( Bullhead, 22nd of May ), Maaike Neuville ( Van Vlees en Bloed, Dirty Mind ) en Vic De Wachter ( Memory of a Killer, The Intruder ).

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