Some wild Irish dames who thought the ideal location for a bachelorette’s party would be Transylvania (uh-oh!) pick up something a little more serious than an easily treatable STD. After mingling with a vampire – which could just as well have been the count himself! – they end up back in Dublin with a jetlag… and an insatiable lust for blood! Sorry, I mean, for blooooood! Dipshit junkie Deco is one of their first victims, who then goes crying on his younger brother Matt’s shoulder. He’ll have to decide: help his forlorn, forever doomed sibling or just drive a stake through his heart and be done with it? Director Conor McMahon already aimed for our frail little hearts with STITCHES (BIFFF 2013) and FROM THE DARK (BIFFF 2015), and now he’s back for the clou du spectacle (the climax, you ignorant bastards!): a fun vampire romp that doesn’t hold back on the hemoglobin and lovingly takes the piss out of the genre’s many clichés (y’know: gaaaaarlic, suuunlight!). We’re particularly fans of Henry, the madcap cab driver who sees his fiancée turn into a monster and from thereon pledges to rid the world (or at the very least, Ireland) of vampires. Henry, whom the most savant amongst you may recognize as the actor that embodied Rupert Gilles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s mentor! A cult movie waiting to happen, waiting – lurking in the shadows – … for the BIFFF?

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