Robert Nord looks like a disheveled, neglected office slave, but has a devious and quite brilliant mind. His basement is stuffed with analog sound equipment. Robert suffers from “sound allergy” and is looking for a remedy to cure his affliction. He thinks he has made a breakthrough when he discovers a frequency that could manipulate certain forms of human behavior. He doesn’t want to try this out on himself, but his new neighbors, the attractive Linn and her husband Simon, might make some good guinea pigs. One evening he invites them over. After a bit of chit chat, he excuses himself and goes down to his basement. He puts on a sound dampening headphone and launches the frequency. The results are stunning. What if you could control other people without them realizing it? LFO or Low Frequency Oscillation, is a true gem for our 7th Orbit section, the discovery section of the BIFFF. The second feature by Swedish director Antonio Tublen is a cynical masterpiece that combines megalomaniac fantasies with dry wit in a unique universe where everything is possible.

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