A man is on the run in Tokyo. People sometimes see him wandering the streets at night holding a mysterious basket. But those unfortunate enough to peek inside, end up X-rayed into a smoldering pile of bones… A couple of days earlier, a UFO allegedly crashes in the outskirts of the city and the FBI have reason to believe the man is actually carrying with him a dangerous alien species that immediately needs to be taken to the US, cause… well, didn’t you see MEN IN BLACK? Aliens are America’s mojo! The thing is, they’re not too Tokyo-savvy and they need someone that knows the city inside-out. Enter Mariko, half-time merry bartender, half-time badass detective. It’s a little bit outside of her ballpark – usually pretty light on extraterrestrial investigations – but she accepts. Beats listening to the mishappenings of her colorful clientele of punk-rockers, gigolos, down-on-their-luck ninjas and ‘the Lethal Twins’, two middle-aged ladies who used to be professional killers. Channeling BASKET CASE, PULP FICTION’s radioactive briefcase, old-school Category III Hong Kong flicks, film noir, E.T. and a Looney Tunes cartoon, LIFE OF MARIKO IN KABUKICHO is a goofy, quirky ride through Tokyo and the nighttime freaks and outcasts that roam its streets. Now we also want to hang out at detective Mariko’s bar! Maybe she even serves Maitrank?

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