After the shotgun death of schoolboy Nigel Colby, his 17-year old roommate Alex Forbes is placed in a juvenile institution. With mounting pressure from Alex’s influential father to have the murder charges dropped, inspector McKenzie appoints forensic psychologist Sally Rowe to determine if there is sufficient evidence to find Alex culpable. Sally begins to unravel the truth behind Nigel’s death. Alex and Nigel are reluctant roommates in a privileged boarding school. In an attempt to understand Nigel’s morbid fascination with all things dead, Alex enters his macabre world and is drawn into a psychological game. Each boy vying to control the other’s mind, they plunge headlong into a spellbinding world of dark secrets and deadly mind games. Writer-director Gregory J. Read has fashioned a chilling psychological thriller about what makes a psychopath tick, with sterling performances from young actors Eddie Redmayne, who recently starred opposite Robert De Niro in The Good Shepherd, as Alex and Tom Sturridge ( Fairytale : A True Story ) as Nigel. Tony Collette (Muriel’s Wedding, The Sixth Sense, The Hours) unravels their minds as Sally Rowe and Richard Roxburg (Van Helsing, Fragile, Stealth) plays inspector McKenzie. Like Minds is a terrifying reminder that shared obsession is a dangerous thing.

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