LIMBO by Soi Cheang

Cham Lau is a lone wolf, a cop who almost went off the deep end after he lost his family in a car crash, and he’s on the hunt. A serial killer has been spreading chaos and panic in Hong Kong’s underworld. He has the nasty habit of sawing off the left hand of his victims and tossing them in the city’s garbage. The hunt is already pretty tough and headquarters decide to give him a rookie as his sidekick. A certain Will Ren, zero experience in the field and an annoying tendency to stick by the rules. Let’s just say the two don’t hit it off well. But it’s nothing compared to the arrival of ex-convict Wong To. Not only can she help them in their manhunt, provided that she can hand over anyone to the police that has put a prize on her head to the police. But she’s also linked to the loss of Lau’s closest one. And what if the real threat in all this is Lau himself? Violent, messianic, desperate and deeply nihilistic, LIMBO has all the makings of an exceptional piece of work, which you can compare to SEVEN or Kim Ki-duk’s LA PIETA. However, Soi Cheang’s film can’t be reduced to that. This adaptation of Mi Lei’s SWEET TOOTH is nothing less than one of the most disturbing thrillers ever (ever!) that came out of Hong Kong! In short, a masterpiece, in which hell and purgatory become intermingled in a dirty, sweaty, suffocating metropolis. Simply sublime.

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