A suburban town is shaken by a series of mysterious child disappearances
and suspicious adult deaths. A rumor begins to spread
on the internet that any adult who suddenly encounters a returned
“child” will die mysteriously three days later. Local newspaper reporter
Shunya Ezaki refuses to believe that children are killing adults
and begins to investigate the truth behind the strange deaths. Meanwhile,
Shunya’s girlfriend and nursery school worker Naomi Harada
waits for the mother of a young boy to come and pick him up, but day
turns to night and there is still no sign of her, leaving Naomi with no
choice but to look after the boy herself. Before long, they are stalked
by a shadowy figure called Tommy. Eventually, the boy goes missing.
This turns out to be only the opening act of a horrific ordeal for
Shunya and Naomi, whose fates are sealed when they cross paths
with Tommy, the avenging angel of abused children.
Takashi Shimizu, former member of our international jury and enshrined
in the pantheon of horror as the creator of The Grudge, is back
in Japan after an excursion to Hollywood (the American remake of
The Grudge and Flight 7500). He returned to the source of all things
horror to come up with a new horror sensation. Little Nightmares, an
exclusive world premiere for the BIFFF, will introduce us to an original
and memorable movie monster that will haunt our nightmares for
a very long time.

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