If three months of lockdown in your house seemed like a mighty long time to you, what must Little Vampire be thinking? He’s been 10 years old for 300 years and has never left his mansion. Okay, sure, he lives in an awesome haunted house where he has crazy adventures with a couple of fun-loving monsters, but still: he’s bored now! Even his daily film club no longer entices him. He dreams of meeting new friends and going to school, but strangely enough, his parents keep telling him that the outside world is far too dangerous for him. As obedient as a 300-year-old child can be, Little Vampire decides to sneak off with Fantomate, his trusty bulldog. Outside he meets young Michel, with whom he immediately strikes up a friendship. But his little escapade will also attract the attention of the family’s eternal long-toothed enemy, the terrifying Gibbous…
The prolific Joann Sfar adapts his own comics with his unparalleled talent as a storyteller. While the youngest children will inevitably enjoy the swirling story and its homeopathic dose of spookiness, older kids will no doubt appreciate the many double entendres, full of nods to genre films. Oh, and Sfar’s buddie Guillermo del Toro also gave his stamp of approval. That doesn’t hurt either, now does it?

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