It’s the story of a lumberjack who just wanted to mind his own business… One morning, or one afternoon – seeing as we’re not boy and girl scouts here, we’re never quite sure in a forest – he bumps into something that his eyes will never forget: a brutally mutilated body. Flesh, blood, guts, fragments of pure horror… The mere sight catapults him into a catatonic state, while Death himself comes along to pull him out of this nightmare…
LOGGER is first and foremost an experience for the eyes. The (im)pleasure of seeing. It is the exaltation of the senses and the challenge of time. Expressions on which one remains for a long time in order to seize the strangeness, the tension or any other disturbing emotion that one wishes to feel in a nightmarish vision, worthy of Goya. LOGGER is Steffen Geypens presenting us on a rusty little platter blood, paradoxes, RASHOMON and Jean de la Fontaine’s “Bûcheron et de la Mort” (ooh la la!): “Death comes to heal everything; but let us not move from where we are. Better to suffer than to die, that is the motto of men”.

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