An old woman is forced by the bus driver to get off in the middle of the night. Out in the pouring rain in a dreary, menacing world she continues her journey. A truck driver and his companion accept to take her with them. But the old woman soon discovers that they are less friendly than they seem to be. The landscape of Long Twilight is a treacherous, man-eating place where anything can happen to anyone. Where an ogre can emerge from anybody. The servants of hell are everyday monsters, simple bus and truck drivers, riders of the forest, bicyclists or farm hands. Underneath their forbearing indifference and rare kindness there is always a glowing murderous anger. In this valley of tears where nothing matters, the flame of lurking madness is the only sign of life.
Janisch, a reader, no doubt, of the German fantastic literature and the wonderful Tales of E.T.A. Hoffmann, conducts his tale with the hand of a master story-teller. The Long Twilight is based on a short story by American writer Shirley Jackson. The immaculately shot yarn about an old woman who travels back to an isolated, memoryladen location plays like a Hungarian episode of The Twilight Zone.

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