Mario is the boss of a huge warehouse dedicated to lost objects. He spends his time fixing what is brought to him and playing detective in his spare time. He loves it, finding the owners to give them these little lost pieces of their lives. One day, Helena, his police friend who regularly throws him a bone of what she has found on patrol, arrives with a suitcase found at the bottom of a river. Nothing very exceptional, except for the brand of the suitcase, which is top-scale. Who knows, maybe the inside’s a jackpot as well? But once opened, the suitcase turns out to be an improvised coffin with human remains wrapped in baby clothes. If the police quickly classify the case as a miscarriage dealt with in a particularly hardcore fashion, Mario doesn’t give up so easily. He’s got a hunch this is about something completely different, a hunch that’s going to lead him to Sara, a luxury escort against her will, linked to a network of human trafficking. A particularly ugly and fearsome organization that treats its ‘livestock’ like objects. And that hates to lose one… After working as an assistant director for Pedro Almodóvar and Guillermo del Toro, Jorge Dorado’s first feature was already mighty impressive (MINDSCAPE at the BIFFF 2014). He went on to make a name for himself on series like EL MINISTERIO DEL TIEMPO. And when the man joins forces with Alvaro Morte (the famous professor of MONEY HEIST) for a thriller that is pure black without added sugar, we sink into our seats, turn off the lights and enjoy the adrenaline rush…

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