It all seems to be rosy when Paul Harrington (John Lithgow) returns home. He is warmly welcomed by his beautiful young wife Lauren (Mädchen Amick). Dark secrets bubble to the surface when a certain Reno (Eric Roberts) pays the couple a visit. He is introduced to Paul as Lauren’s brother. Distracted by the involvement of his father’s bank in a money-laundering operation, Paul fails to notice the tension between his wife and Reno. Reno apparently wants a lot more than some sisterly advice. The action explodes when Paul discovers that Reno is Lauren’s first husband, a gangster who ended up in prison thanks to her confession. Reno is determined to pull Lauren out of her fairy-tale existence and blackmail her back into a life of crime.

No matter how fast, wild, and young you are, your criminal past will catch up with you. This is all too true in movies, and certainly in this erotic thriller by William Curran. John— who has already missed out on an Oscar twice— Lithgow’s role as righteous husband Paul Harrington is a far cry from the sardonic thug in Cliffhanger or the psychopathic husband in Raising Cain. Mädchen Amick (Twin Peaks, Sleepwalkers, Dream Lover) can lie and cheat as Lauren to the point of flying off the page. Eric— my chin is bigger than my ego— Roberts (The Pope of Greenwich Village, Runaway Train, The Ambulance) puts everyone to the test as raging Reno.

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