Atlanta, in the State of Georgia. Dana Greenway is a young and smart attorney. Step by step she progressed up the ladder and is now the assistant of Stanton Gray, the Attorney General of the State. Murders, rapes and corruptions are now part of her daily life, but Dana does not care because it is her job and she works well, sometimes very well. When a criminal is found guilty, justice is served, and when a suspect manages to slip through the cracks, her conscience is continuously tormented… until the next case. As a result, Dana does not shy away from anything to reach her goals, even risking her best friend’s life to gather sufficient evidence in order to sentence a defendant. In addition, she received a very interesting case: a man pretending to be a fashion photographer managed to seduce his victims and take pictures of them in their birthday suit… before they file a complaint. Strangely enough, this case stirs up the curiosity of Dana as much as it disgusts her. How could such a petty crook trick all these women apparently smart enough not to be fooled? Dana goes after him, but she underestimated her opponent and Richard decides to also seduce her.

LOVE CRIMES tells the story of love at first sight between two people living in different universes and that nothing predestined the encounter. SEAN YOUNG (BLADE RUNNER, NO WAY OUT, THE BOOST …) plays Dana, a young attorney with repressed desires and unable to assume her sexuality. PATRICK BERGIN (SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY, PATRIOT GAMES …) shares the screen with her and unleashes his sexual gluttony – and talent for acting- by pushing his prey to eat out of his hand (and not only his hand). The confrontation between these two manipulators reveals dark corners of their personalities that it would have been better not to discover. This romantic thriller is directed by LIZZIE BORDEN (BORN IN FLAMES, WORKING GIRLS) who also produces it, and the writing of the screenplay is the work of the talented screenwriter and director of PUMP UP THE VOLUME. With CHRISTIAN SLATER and SAMANTHA MATHIS.

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