Jonny works in a dead-end job as a courier but dreams of a more glamorous lifestyle. He tries to convince his old school friend Jude to let him join the notorious North London mob, run by Jude’s Uncle Ray, the biggest gangster in London. Ray, whose obsession with karaoke is legendary, is not initially convinced but eventually relents. The credit- card scam that is Jonny’s introduction to the North London mob works as a treat, and initially he’s happy with his new-found life in the fast lane. After a while, the gang settles back into its usual daily routine of low-level, non-violent crime and Ray and his soap-star girlfriend, Sadie, set about planning their wedding. Jonny, now frustrated with the North London gang’s lack of interest in “real” crime, sparks a gang war with the South London mob by stealing their secret stash of coke. In the darkly comic gangster tale Love, Honour & Obey, Dominic Anciano and Ray Burdis (The Krays, Final Cut, Death Machine) pool their combined roles of writer, producer and director to electrifying effect. They’ve brought together a cast that celebrates the diversity and talent of the UK acting scene. You’ll be able to recognize Sadie Frost (The Krays, Dracula), Jude Law (Gattaca, The Talented Mr. Ripley, eXistenZ), Jonny Lee Miller (Dracula 2000, Trainspotting), Ray Winstone (Sexy Beast, Nil By Mouth), Kathy Burke (Tv’s Ab Fab, Nil By Mouth, Elizabeth) and Sean Pertwee (51st State, Soldier), all performing under their first names.

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