At 19, Natalia can see a powerful aura surrounding her friends and family. This so-called gift frightens her above anything else, for she knows that it is part of a curse which befell her family some time ago. Trying by all means to stay as far away from the curse as possible, she takes refuge in a convent where she is ready to renounce the pleasures of the flesh. But that all falls apart when she learns that her mother has committed suicide. Back home she must face her unbalanced sister, who has decided that they must embark on a journey together. But this isn’t a bonding trip for siblings. It’s much more peculiar than that. They must enter the heart of the jungle and ingest an ancestral hallucinogen to purge their souls. The drug has drastic side effects when it unleashes the demons within the sisters. Gonzalo Calzada, one of Argentina’s most prominent genre directors, has proven himself once again. Only two years after Resurrection (2016), the most watched horror movie in his home country, he delights us with his most recent feature. Luciferina is the first entry of what is to become “the virgin trilogy”, a treat for horror fans all around the world. The film provides ancestral drugs, pagan rites and a perverted version of the eternal battle between Good and Evil.

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