Hyung-wook, an infamous assassin known for his perfection, slips on a bar of soap at a public bathhouse and passes out. He wakes up with amnesia and is rushed to the hospital. Jae-sung, a totally broke and struggling actor, witnesses the accident and switches his locker key with the killer’s. He really loves the sharp suit, the fancy car and the luxury apartment, even though he’s a bit surprised by all the cameras that are observing his attractive neighbor. Mistaking Hyung-wook’s newest target for a romantic interest, he starts flirting with her. Hyung-wook himself has to adapt to the life of an actor at the bottom of the food chain. Luckily the ambulance driver who got him to the hospital, feels sorry for him. She gets him a job at her family restaurant, where his unexpected talent with knives turn him into the star of the kitchen. And his fighting skills do not go unnoticed on the film set either! Knowing the historic rivalry between South-Korea and Japan, it feels good to know that when it comes to the big screen, it’s more about collaboration than competition. Luck-Key is in fact the remake of Key of Life, a little Japanese gem by Kenji Uchida that we screened at the BIFFF 2013. Director Gye-byeok Lee did more than just a simple cut and paste. He gave it a big budget overhaul, which made it a Korean box office hit with a gross of more than 50 million dollars!

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