Next time someone casually ask you whether you’re more of a cat person than a dog person, think wisely before you answer because it may have grave consequences. Cause you see, Mad Cats, a half-female half-feline mutant breed that may look human but that has cat-like strength, stealth, agility… and an irrepressible urge to cough up fur balls, are out on a crusade against humanity. Anyone who has ever exploited or harmed a cat, or who simply isn’t completely on board with the Cat Cause – cat world domination – is captivated and decapitated. Their lair’s dungeon is getting filled up with all sorts of cat criminals: pet shop owners, cat café aficionados, Paul Schrader for directing CAT PEOPLE… and Mune, an archeologist who on one of his expeditions to Egypt unearthed the forbidden Catnip of Bastet the Cat Goddess, which grants any cat that bites it special powers. Only his slacker brother Taka can save him out of their clutches, alongside a random homeless dude he met on the way and a nameless female assassin with a personal vendetta against the Mad Cats… Director Reiki Tsuno didn’t want to make “another depressing Japanese movie” and, while we’re clearly not watching the same Japanese movies, he definitely does dial up the fun factor here! Absurd gags galore, inventive visual puns and awesome catfights (of the ninja-meets-The-Matrix-in-the-cat-verse kind), without forgetting to pose important questions like “Do we as humans have the right to impose our will on cats?” and “Did I already clean the litter box today?”.

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