In a dystopian Switzerland under the rule of a fascist dictator – and cheese industry tycoon – all lactose-intolerant compatriots are hunted down like animals and sentenced to death without further ado. Despite this reign of terror, in which opponents are tortured with burning fondue or by shoving entire bars of Toblerone down their throats, young Heidi still has a relatively quiet life in the Alpine meadows together with her protective grandpa (Snake Pliskin, is that you?). Until her sweetheart is brutally murdered for smuggling goat cheese (a mortal sin according to the regime) onto the black market. Heidi ends up in the slammer as an accomplice. There she turns mad, veeeery Mad and together with a girl who could’ve walked straight out of FEMALE PRISONER 701: SCORPION, she escapes with only one thought on her mind: to grate all of them Emmeneanderthals! An ex-president of Switzerland once said that laughing is good for one’s health and his people seem to have utterly taken his wise words to heart. The proof is this creamy chunk of Swissploitation – we always get a bit emotional when we witness the birth of a new film genre – in which Mad Heidi comes down from her mountain to kick some serious ass! That’s not all, she’s also coming all the way to Brussels to sing a song at the film’s world premiere at the BIFFF!! Yodelayheehoo!!

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