One day, the man facing southeast somehow ends up from somewhere in a psychiatric hospital. He says that his name is RANTES and that he comes from another planet. Doctor Denis, chief of the psychiatric unit, is used to seeing lots of aliens, spirits and ghosts haunting the corridors of the clinic. At first, he is going to take RANTES for a faker, but bit by bit, his interest in this man’s “disease” which turns out to be peculiar arouses…
First, the investigation carried out to find the man’s origins leads to nothing: not even a clue or some information about his former life. Then, the tests and results conducted on RANTES put him in the “genius” category. Finally, Doctor Denis feels particularly concerned about RANTES’s mission in which he says he is involved on Earth, that is to say solving the mysteries of the human-feeling mechanism. He says himself doesn’t feel anything, he is just a holographic image sent from space and supplied by his planet through computer intelligence. Doctor Denis, with his feeling “disorder”, praises the RANTES’s case… When this is solved, the only and much more alarming “case” left he will need to take care of will be his…
Man Facing Southeast tells the story of the relationship between two men and of their truths’ impact: the doctor will not rest until he proves RANTES’s madness, out of fear of being forced to consider a reality he refuses to acknowledge and to do some soul-searching.
Imagined and directed by the Argentinian Eliseo SUBIELA, this movie has already been nominated in several festivals and won a very impressive number of awards: International Critics’ Prize in the Toronto International Film Festival; Golden Shell at the San Sebastián International Film Festival; Jury’s Special Prize at the Cartagena Film Festival; Best Film and Best Script at the San Pablo Festival; and three important awards at the Havana Film Festival.

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