In the early 50ties, the Alpine village of Marmorera and the surrounding valley were flooded for a local dam project. Today, there’s a new village, but that what lies beneath the water, cannot find any rest. A mysterious young woman with long red hair, is rescued from the lake. Nobody knows where she came from or who she is. The woman is transferred to a psychiatric institute in Zurich. When psychiatrist Simon Cavegn, himself originally from Marmorera, begins to treat her, unexplained phenomena start to occur. Inhabitants from Marmorera begin to die in the most horrible ways. Simon discovers that the deaths are connected to his patient. But the more he starts to unravel the secret of the sunken village, the more he becomes estranged from his wife and colleagues. Switzerland is not really know for its fantastic films, but this might soon change with Marmorera. Director Markus Fischer has realized an enthralling mystery thriller with everything that makes the genre work. The story is beautifully shot and lit and the special effects truly enhance the story. Belgian ballet dancer Eva Dewaele makes quite an impression in her first feature film part as Julia, the siren from Lake Marmorera. She’s supported by Anatole Taubman (Equilibrium, Aon Flux, Blood & Chocolate) as haunted psychiatrist Simon Cavegn.

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