A large British family attempts to escape the abuse brought upon them by their sadistic, monstrous father who has murdered scores of victims. Mother Rose’s idea of a fresh start involves moving her children back to her family home in America. Twenty-one-year-old Jack, 19-year-old Jane, 18-year-old Billy and five-year-old Sam try to keep going after Rose passes away, maintaining a low profile in their large, rural estate, with only a close friendship with the neighboring girl, Allie to keep them sane. And their sanity will be tested to the limits, as a monstrous presence start to make itself felt. Marrowbone might be Sergio C. Sánchez feature debut, but he’s far from being a novice in the film industry. He’s none other than the genius screenwriter of The Orphanage, The End and The Impossible. He presents us with a gothic horror tale worthy of Edgar Allan Poe, while infusing solid layers of mystery to create an unbearable atmosphere of tension. It’s no wonder that J.A. Bayona was eager to produce the film of his favorite scriptwriter, before tackling the dinosaurs of Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom!

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