The film is an adaptation in today’s world of the ancient Greek myth of Medusa. Medusa was a woman with a face so horrible, that it would petrify anybody, who would happen to look at it. She was killed by Perseus, an ancient hero. Perseus, rather than looking directly at her, looked at her image as it was reflected on the surface of his shield. The film keeps close to the myth, except for one change. In the film Medusa petrifies men only. If a woman happens to see her face, then she becomes the new Medusa, while the old one collapses into a pile of sand. Perseus is haunted by childhood memories of petrified men and strange, awesome women. He is the leader of a small gang, that breaks into houses. Until the day they break into the house of Medusa.
is the first long feature by Greek director George Lazopoulos. He adapted one of the many ancient Greek myths for the screen and made it a stunning and breathtaking fantasy thriller.

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