During a ceremony in an old parish in the city centre, a group of worshippers dies of poisoning after taking communion. The police take up the investigation while the priests, who have remained in the church, begin to suffer strange visions. First suspicions point to a group of young people connected with lethal designer drugs, but the situation takes an unexpected turn when the worshippers return to life during the post mortems. This incredible development takes the investigation beyond the purely earthly. Opening with the end of the millenium, a new era begins, as it was anticipated by an obscure book which now comes back to light.
The base of the plot of Memorias del Angel Caido shifts between psychological terror and thriller. It’s a horror story, recounted with agility and impulse. An apocalyptic tennis match between eye and screen, between reality and imagination, between God and mankind. Fernando Camara and David Alonso outlined the story of Memorias del Angel Caido and decided to direct it jointly.

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