Somewhere in Eastern Europe, in a desert industrial area on the edge of the city, Eckermann, a meteorologist, takes a bath in the middle of an empty workshop. He spends most of his time daydreaming, which is why his friends call him Little Cloud. He has two friends: Berlioz, epicurean at heart and Vero, the quiet thug of the factories. As the industrial area will be soon demolished, the army orders everyone to evacuate the prohibited zone and to empty the buildings. For Berlioz, the solution is clear: Little Cloud is going to invent a gambling game on the computer of the Meteorological Institute, and they will become rich. Eckermann does so and goes back in his bathtub, but he dies at dawn while daydreaming. Vero and Berlioz decide to test the legacy of Eckermann, the famous gambling system…

This second film by the Hungarian director, András M. MONORY (INSIDERS), transports us into a sordid universe where characters try to escape from reality, each one having its own way to do it. Between W. WENDERS’ poetic realism and J. JARMUSCH’s thrilling grayness, this very stylish film, nicknamed the BLADE RUNNER from the East Bloc, received the Award for Best Photography (thanks to Gabor SZABO) at the Budapest Festival in 1990. The main actors (Kàroly EPERJES, László KISTAMAS, Zoltán VARGA and Cecilia ESZTERGALYOS) are, like the film, stunning.

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