It’s Halloween night and the teenagers of the upscale, gated community (this is Mexico after all) of Sierra Linda are getting ready for one hell of a party. Tavo, a teen with a far more modest background, jumps the fence that separates him from the rich and famous, like he does every night. In the first place to spy on Ana, for whom his pants are bulging with platonic love. And then to meet up with his best bud Deivid, the THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK of ubergeeks who sees the world strictly in terms of movie references. But their world is actually about to turn into a movie, as a rotting corpse lying in the fumes of a toxic swamp is coming back to life after the injection of an experimental drug. And coming back from the afterlife apparently makes you very hungry! Fortunately there’s a party that is about to start full of tasty rich asses shaking on the dancefloor. Tavo and Deivid are the first to witness the zombie outbreak, but when they try to warn the others they’re met with disbelief and ridicule. “Those guys? You’re just jealous you don’t have kick-ass costumes like them!” Let the brain guzzling begin!
Ladies and gents, we present to you the world premiere of this new muy caliente Mexican nugget by Chava Cartas, backed by the producer of AMORES PERROS! If you dig SHAUN OF THE DEAD, SUPERBAD and ZOMBIELAND – and why shouldn’t you? – then you’re going to eat up this gory and super fun mash-up of teen movie and grindhouse exploitation!

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