In the slums of Soho, a “Madam” manages a unique Peep Show. A sleazy smut spectacle of prostitutes who show off a piece of exploited, neon-lit flesh for voyeuristic sadsacks? Oh no, much worse than that. It’s a completely immersive experience that is tailor-fit to your deepest fears… And tonight, it’s Graham that’s going in. He’s a lost and lonely businessman who made his fortune investing in a site of extreme fantasies called Black Rabbit. He didn’t ask for any of the details before he signed the check. Too afraid, probably. But that’s going to change tonight, Cause he’s getting ready for three voyeuristic tales, three consequences of his investments that have allowed the most devious of minds to satisfy their sinister fantasies… When a directorial quartet decide to mix their deranged creativity into a hardcore horror kettle, it needs to be served hot, scorching hot! That is to say, without filters or studios mingling with the process out of fear to hurt some immaculate little souls. The result is a nightmarish Alice in Wondrous Goreland and as Jake West, one of the four ghouls in charge, writes: “If you’re fed up of the weak brew of predictable Hollywood films where you now know all the oh so familiar beats,  then this is a dangerous late night cocktail that will get you giddy again”. So come and enjoy your midnight cocktail at the BIFFF, but beware, the last act will put a knot in your stomach for days to come…

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