A gravely ill woman tries in vain to warn nursing nuns about a creepy thing that lives in her room mirror. When a young, overconfident nun (Veronica Cartwright) wants to prove that there are no evil supernatural things, she unleashes, by removing the curtain in front of the mirror, a sinister force that blinds the nun and makes the woman flee. A beginning that can count. 17 years later. Young dancer Marlee (Tracy Wells) and her autistic brother Jeffrey (Carlton Beener) move in with the religious community of Sister Marion (Lois Nettleton). The two youngsters fall under the influence of the same antique mirror which fulfils their wishes, good and bad. They are visited by Marlee’s half-sister, Roslyn (Sally Kellerman), a real schemer, and the manipulative doctor Lasky (Roddy McDowall). The duo is out to have Marlee declared insane to get their claws on a rich inheritance. The mirror, however, has other plans.

Raven Dance is the sequel to Mirror, Mirror and continues the saga about the antique mirror with life-threatening reflections. Director Jimmy Lifton, who makes his debut with this film, not only wrote the screenplay, but also composed the music. Lifton is a well-known composer of film music and has directed numerous video clips. His film stands firm with two experienced actors such as Sally Kellerman (M.A.S.H., Brewster McCloud, That’s Life) as the scheming wench and Roddy McDowall (The Twilight Zone, Planet of the Apes, Fright Night I & II) as the poisonous doctor Lasky. Tracy Wells, known for the TV series Mr. Belvedere and appearances in Gremlins and Annie, among others, dances through her first leading role, aided by blind nun Veronica Cartwright (L.A. Law, The Right Stuff, Alien) and Sister Superior Lois Nettleton (Deadly Blessing, In the Heat of the Night). Special effects were handled by the men from Star Trek, The Next Generation, Digital Magic.

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