MOLOCH by Nico van den Brink

1991. A girl is playing downstairs, while a lot of strange, frightening noises are coming from upstairs. Suddenly, through the cracks of the wooden ceiling, a Niagara of blood comes gushing down. Thirty years later. Betriek, a young mother and widow, lives with her family in the middle of a bog. But the atmosphere is tense. A man’s body has just been found in a pit he seems to have dug out himself with the fury of a mad dog. And not far from there, a second corpse has been found. A little older though, at least about a thousand years older. The archaeological team that is digging in the area are superexcited. But Betriek’s family don’t like that, they don’t like that at all. Something else worries them more. Those corpses, could they… Could they have something to do with that old legend? And with what has happened thirty years ago? After an impressive string of short films, including SWEET TOOTH, which is getting the feature film treatment by James Wan and Sam Raimi (not exactly faceless hoodlums, are they?), Nico van den Brink has crafted his first feature, MOLOCH. A sturdy chunk of folk horror with a suffocating atmosphere as thick as mud. Very fertile soil for the ghosts of the past to crawl out of…

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