A sixty-year-old who has always obediently followed the rules, suffers an existential burnout. He has always done his part and, in his own modest way, has worked for a better society. But that society has hit rock bottom and our former good Samaritan is no longer in the mood for concessions. Moloss is his name and he’s got a mission: to cure the world of a very human disease. But his method could not differ more from those of Gandhi or Mother Theresa. He’s certainly not turning the other cheek. His approach is a lot more direct, not to say radical. His very personal spin on the tactic of the scorched earth to make way for a better future implicates not only his daughter Doianna and his ex-wife Veronica, but many others who didn’t plan any revolution. Is he out of his mind? Desperate? Dangerous? Perhaps all three, but in his defense, it’s our society that has started it! In the beginning it was just an idea between friends to make a self-produced short film. Out of love for the art, as they say. But then Abel Ernest Tembo, journalist at Radio Alma, met Abdelkrim Qisi, the eternal nemesis of JCVD in FULL CONTACT. The two decided to rewrite the story in a more universal light. Fine proof that anything is possible, even in an itsy bitsy country like Belgium!

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