After getting the sack at a prestigious newspaper, an ambitious journalist is in shambles. Gutted and with the Pulitzer Prize further off than ever, she retreats to her parents’ isolated, state-of-the-art mansion when they’re away on holidays. But she doesn’t plan on staying down for long. Her new podcast, “Beyond Believable”, in which she investigates unsolved mysteries to unearth hidden truths, will get her back on top once it catches on. The problem is, she can’t seem to find a sufficiently captivating subject… Until she receives an anonymous e-mail about a mysterious black brick that supposedly ruined a housekeeper’s life. After digging a little deeper, she finds out many other people have these very same kinds of brick at home. They’re not some fancy art object. They seem to be alive and “talk” to them. They’re scribbled with signs with no connection to any known human language that only seems to make sense to its owner. Could these things be alien artefacts? One man tells of his grandfather, who had such a brick but destroyed it and afterwards seemed changed, unrecognizable even, like an empty shell. The popularity of her podcast pushes her deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, into ever stranger and darker territory. Until it all hits dangerously close to home for her… In Mat Vesely’s own words, MONOLITH is “big, high-concept sci-fi flick on a budget”, and we’d like to add: it can stand without blushing next to ARRIVAL or UNDER THE SKIN, which share that same feeling of unfathomable dread. All thanks to the wonderful Lily Sullivan (EVIL DEAD RISE), a gripping plot that sent chills down our spines and incredibly eerie sound design. ‘Cause, to quote Jacques Tourneur, the greatest terror is the one we imagine in our mind.

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