Sandra is locked outside her Monolith, the safest car in the world, built to protect her loved ones from any threat. Seated behind her and tied to his seat, David, her 2 year old son, is playing with her cellphone. Suddenly Sandra runs over a deer, stops and gets out of the car. David, by mistake, locks down Monolith’s safety closure from the cellphone screen. Around them, the desert stretching for miles and miles. Sandra has to set her baby free. She has to find a way to crack open that steel shell and she is ready for anything, even risking her own life. Nightfall will bring darkness and sunrise will turn the car into an oven. Sandra has little time left, and she’s entirely on her own. In the middle of nowhere, against all odds, beasts and without water… will a Mother be stronger than a Monolith ? Forgetting your keys in your locked car is a problem that millions of people must have had. Director Ivan Silvestrini saw a lot of potential in this common mistake and has turned it into a nail-biting thriller that explores our relationship to the hyper-protective tech environment in which we live and that increasingly overrules our own choices. Right in the middle of the ultimate parental nightmare, we find the phenomenal Katrina Bowden (Tucker and Dale VS Evil), ready to tear out the battery of Lilith, voice of the Monolith, interpreted by Katherine Kelly Logan, husband collector in The Bold and the Beautiful.

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