Wuba, a little monster in human lands, decides to leave the warm family nest to live on his own. Tian and Lan, his adoptive parents, will surely miss their tentacled radish, but they are far from suspecting the new perils awaiting their offspring. Because Wuba is the one who’ll restore peace to the Monster Kingdom and such destiny coming with a whole lot of danger. Pursued by both the Monster Bureau and unscrupulous bounty hunters, Wuba will not be able to face all his enemies. Fortunately for him, Wuba meets BenBen, an adult version of his own species, who’ll protect him and will do everything to get him back to his parents. After taking over the Chinese box office with the first episode, Raman Hui, who earned his stripes at Dreamworks, does it again. But rather than copy-pasting the first part, Hui introduces new and exciting characters to the mix, helped by a legion of 33 special effects wizards, who’ve proved their worth in interplanetary hits such as Star Wars and Pacific Rim. He shows incredible skill in mixing CGI characters and live action, creating a fantastic adventure for the entire family.

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