The World Leaders are having a meeting at the G8 Summit when a space-craft falls out of the sky and crashes in Japan. After being exposed to Earth’s atmosphere, a spore attached to the ship develops into a gigantic fire-ball spitting-chicken lizard monster : Guilala ! It rampages through Japan, making its way to the G8 Summit. The prestige of the world leaders is at stake, so they plan and execute strategic operations such as a missile attack or deadly poisoning. Needless to say that they all hilariously fail to stop Guilala. Minoru Kawasaki is a big fan of those “terrifying-giant-cardboard-Godzilla-kinda-monsters” from the heroic years of Japanese cinema. His latest exploit, an homage to one of the worst films of the sixties : Monster X From Outer Space, is a horrendously hilarious satire on international politics. Kawasaki rose to cult fame by making low-budget satire such as The World Sinks Except Japan ( 2006 ), The Calimari Wrestler ( 2004 ) or Executive Koala ( 2005 ). The monster is voiced by Takeshi Kitano, something which Asian film aficionados will certainly appreciate.

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