Some people are born with a harelip, other with a birthmark, but this child was born with a demonic power that would give the Children of the Corn a run for their money. With his eyes he can control people’s minds and even drive them to suicide. This power makes him master of the world, robbing banks in seconds and killing everyone that stands in his way. Then, one day, he runs into Shuichi, who’s completely immune to his power. Luckily this anomaly seems to be short-lived, as Shuichi gets run over by a truck. Or is it? Because where there’s a Ying, there’s a Yang. Shuichi returns and he’s dead-set on stopping him once and for all.

Everybody who knows their J-Horror, will rejoice when hearing that Hideo Nakata has helmed this feature. The master of contemporary horror (Ringu, Dark Water…) mixes themes from his earliest work with that of his later films (Death Note, Chatroom). The bad guy is none other than Tatsuya Fujiwari (Battle Royale, Death Note), while his opponent is a part of Takayuki Yamada (13 Assassins, Gantz). You’d better brace yourselves, because after Monsterz, you’ll never look at the Grand Theatre of the Bifff in the same way!

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