Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Green smoke starts emanating from the sewers. At first, people don’t really mind. It is probably someone else’s undigested poutine. Unfortunately, the smoke begins to spread to all areas of the city, at a speed that would make the fastest Deliveroo courier cry. The jaded inhabitants, sick of the clogged sewers, are slowly getting caught by the evil-smelling scent. Some are transforming into cannibal zombies. Others are subject to terrifying hallucinations, or are getting violently attacked by baskets of organic vegetables! From the gay village to Mont Royal, the Quebec metropolis is going to live through 24 terrifying hours. There’s no way out. Welcome to Montreal! He came to the BIFFF in 2015, to present Les Jaunes. Rémi Fréchette got hooked on our hospitality, the atmosphere and the free spirit of our beloved festival. So he decided to do everything he could to come back. And this time, he’s not alone. Montreal Dead End is an anthology feature composed of fifteen shorts. One short film per district. One district per filmmaker. Eighteen directors, who grew up on a diet of George Romero and John Carpenter, contributed to this horror fresco. Montreal Dead End gleefully distorts the concept of promotional movies such as Paris je t’aime or New York, I love you. A world premiere at the BIFFF!

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