In the headquarters of the Total Intelligence Agency, someone has stolen Professor Bacterio’s most dangerous invention, the Daunting Demoralizer of Troops. This artifact ends up in the hands of a very short, wacky dictator who is ready to use it for criminal purposes. The T.I.A. Superintendent though, is firm in his resolve : if he wants to get the D.D.T. back, he must certainly not count on his agents Mortadelo and Filemon. But when the crime fighting duo discover that the T.I.A. has engaged a cocky and slimy detective from outside the agency, they decide to act at their own risk, even if that risk involves all of humanity. The question is : will they save the world or are we all in deep shit ?

Mortadela & Filemon : The Big Adventure, based on the immensely popular comic strip of Francisco Ibanez, broke all box office records when it was released in Spain. The special effects and complicated production design are seamless and the actors, among which Dominique Pinon (Delicatessen, Alien Resurrection) embody their buffoonish caricatures to perfection. The constant onslaught of cartoonish Tom & Jerry like violence and the clever use of music and editing makes Mortadel & Filemon fun to watch for young and old.

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