Bebe, a shy and timid 5 year-old, doesn’t make friends easily. During the Christmas season, when everybody’s in a festive mood. He wanders in the streets alone and meets Mr. Hum, who’s collecting for charity in front of a café. The old man has been watching Bebe. Feeling sympathetic, he gives him a strange pendant. The little jewel will take Bebe on a magical and unforgettable journey. In a magical, flying mug, Bebe travels from the North pole to the desert, where he experiences incredible adventures and makes some very strange friends. Mug Travel is a wonderful animated adventure for the little ones and their parents. You’ll be enthralled by the loveable characters of baby Bebe and her friends, penguin Konkongee and polar bear Bekom, the eccentric humour and the original animation. Director Aaron Lim grabs our attention through fast editing, closely sewn plot lines and exotic backgrounds, larded with great sound effects and music. Mug Travel is perfect for everyone’s who’s young of heart and mind.

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