Scholar Zhu and his manservant Houxia are chasing the bandit Meng, whom they accuse of having stolen from them. They end up in a monastery, where the abbot manages to settle their differences. While recuperating from the chase, Zhu admires an enormous mural where lots of fair maidens are frolicking in a fairy tale landscape. Suddenly one of the girls comes to life. Her name is Mudan and she takes Zhu to her world behind the mural. Mudan lives in an opulent palace, governed by a stern queen and guarded by an owl-man. Men are forbidden to set foot in this paradise and when Zhu is discovered, Mudan helps him escape back to the real world. Zhu knows that she will be severely punished by the Queen and convinces Houxia and Meng to join him on a rescue mission to Mudan’s magical dimension. Hong Kong veteran Gordon Chan ( Fist of Legend, The Medallion, Painted Skin ) is known for his spectacular action movies, but with Mural he treats us to a sumptuous fantasy epic stuffed with elaborate cgi sets, dazzling sfx, a cast of hundreds and a story full of heartbreaking romance and sacrifice. With Chao Deng ( Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame ), Betty Sun ( Painted Skin ), Ni Yan ( A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop ) and Collin Chou ( The Matrix trilogy ).

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