Marco and his pregnant wife Sonia have a promising future ahead until a virus transforms the majority of humanity into bloodthirsty zombie mutants. They have to run if they don’t want to get infected themselves. They try to fight their way to Noah, a military base where they are working on finding a cure. On this trip, Marco gets bitten during an attack. But not all hope is lost. Sonia seems to be immune to the virus, having been bitten earlier. She takes her husband to a giant abandoned facility and tries to deal with Marco’s transformation. Meanwhile she also has to fend off other mutants. The pregnant Sonia realises that she must now fight the worst possible enemy : the man she loves. Just until recently, France seemed to specialize in extremely brutal horror films. With Mutants, writerdirector David Morlet shows that love is possible in a zombie setting. He has crafted a beautiful love story that will appeal to a wide audience. Unlike most traditional genre movies, Marco’s transformation doesn’t happen in a wink. His metamorphosis is slow, haunting and disturbingly painful ! Morlet was obviously inspired by Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, but he also manages to throw some Cronenberg-like body horror among the zombie chases. Starring Hélène de Fougerolles and Dida Diafat, who’ll show you how far you can go to save a loved one.

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