It’s been ten years since Asher dragged his lanky carcass into
the marshes of the bayou, occasionally killing a 12 gauge alligator
to waste time. Ten years now that his elder brother was beaten to
death by their father, just because he had the bad idea to soak his
noodle in the same place as his unfaithful procreator. Ten fucking
long years since Asher became deaf and dumb after getting a beating
from dad. Since then, the latter languishes in prison. But when Asher
learns that he’s just been released on parole, he saws off the barrel
of his shotgun and starts training on the local barflies to prepare for
the confrontation with daddy.
Inspired by the “The Playboy of the Western World” by JM Synge,
Sean Brosnan’s first feature is a pretty package of Freudian themes
wrapped in a grindhouse jacket. My Father Die is a tragedy as violent
as it is poetic, starring a magnetic Joe Anderson (The Gray, Horns,
Hercules) and a producer who is not afraid of Oedipal conflicts, a
certain Pierce Brosnan !

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