Year 2020 of our era, in a world where mercy does not exist anymore, a lot of things changed on our good old planet. The Earth is nothing but an open wound where violence is at its peak. Chaos and crime prevail. From this turmoil a new generation emerged: the cyborgs, synthetic entities that threaten to take over the power by their superiority over human beings… Alex Rain is an elite cop from the L.A.P.D. (Los Angeles Police Department), but he is not like the others, he is a superior being, a human “enhanced” thanks to the new cybernetic technologies. After a mission that went (very) bad, he finds refuge in Mexico City in order to vanish for a while. But he realizes soon that there is a price on his head because the government decided to get rid of him. He then discovers that an extremely confidential program in a computer chip was activated and aims at replacing the heads of states by “replicants”. Alex must find and destroy it at all costs. A wild race then begins, on which depends the survival of the human race.

The Hawaiian Albert PYUN (THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER, CYBORG, DANGEROUSLY CLOSE, …), who was a former student of the master KUROSAWA, leads us this time in a heavily qualitative and futuristic adventure, frightening and mind-blowing. The unusual universe of NEMESIS is a subtle mix of the works of John WOO (THE KILLER, HARD BOILED), James CAMERON (TERMINATOR) and the glorious film by Richard STANLEY, HARDWARE. In addition to a delirious and sordid setting, NEMESIS is a well-paced film where the action is almost permanent and transports the spectator in the middle of a world, which fate depends on a single man in the grip of the final countdown. For the role of Alex Rain, PYUN chose the French Olivier Gruner. This expert in kickboxing made his debut – and proved his talent – in ANGEL TOWN.

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