In his younger days, Helge Block was a skilful and respected fisherman. But nowadays he hardly brings any fish home. The people in the village have turned their backs on him and his beloved son Jonas. Nonetheless, they lead a happy life in a small fishing hut by the sea. One stormy night Helge sets out to fulfil an old mysterious dream: To bring back “the silver of the heavens”, a large catch for his starving son, but he never returns. Thereupon little Jonas Block has to undergo the painful hardships of poverty, puritan austerity and loss. Slowly the little boy loses his smile and starts to embitter. But then a little miracle happens at the magical place where the heavens and the sea become one. First-time feature director Toke Constantin Hebbeln has crafted a mysterious, magical fable so classic in its telling that one might believe it based on an ancient myth. Rounding out this fanciful tale are a pair of moving performances by young Leonard Proxauf and veteran Rolf Becker ( The Lost Honour of Katherina Blum, Gloomy Sunday ) as his father. Capped by beautiful cinematography by Felix Novo de Oliveira, Nevermore fits nicely in the vain of recent pictures like The Illusionist and The Prestige. Nevermore encourages you to believe that magic can happen when you need it most.

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