Don’t feel like watching all those big film classics now that your mission is to exhaust the entire Netflix catalogue? Then NEW NORMAL has the solution, by squeezing in its 2-hour running course no less than 6 interconnected shorts that are each inspired by a different cult film! ‘M’: A single woman is being creeped out by a slimy handyman late at night, while the news keeps reporting about a serial killer that targets single women. ‘Do The Right Thing’: A boy sees an old lady struggling in a wheelchair and makes the fatal decision to help her. ‘Dressed to Kill’: There’s a new dating app on the market that connects you with your ideal partner… or two, three. Perfect for serial daters and killers! ‘Be With You’: A man finds a letter in a vending machine that leads to another letter. A trail that will lead him to the love, or rather the mistake of his life. ‘Peeping Tom’: a voyeuristic man is obsessed with his sexy neighbor and sneaks into her flat only to discover that she’s got some skeletons in her closet. ‘My Life as a Dog’: At a night shift at a convenience store a young woman has to deal with rude, drunk and downright crazy clients. Luckily, she can take her mind off things by gaming and giving advice on a forum how to get rid of dead bodies. Director Bum-shik Jung (EPITAPH, BIFFF 2008) knows how to string stories together, he already proved that in the HORROR STORIES anthologies. Creepy stories with a great cast of K-culture favorites, among whom Ji-woo Choi (NOWHERE TO HIDE), Yoo-mi LEE (SQUID GAME), rapper P.O. and pop star Minho.

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