After five failed attempts to pass the police academy entry exam, we can officially state that Chan-woo is a first-rate wanker. Now, in his defense, he has the kind of neighbors that hold a Hellfest at home every night, which surely doesn’t help him concentrate… Oh well, no biggie, he’s just going to sign up for a sixth time to the exam. But he’s as flat broke as you guys after 2 weeks of the BIFFF. One of his buds is willing to lend him the money on one condition. He needs to have a quick drink with his friends who haven’t seen him in ages. A quick drink with friends, we all know what that means… The next morning Chan-woo wakes up with a head that buzzes like a gong after Chinese New Year and no memory whatsoever of the night before. But that’s the least of his problems. Because instead of waking up in his own home, he opens his eyes at his noisy neighbor’s place, with a corpse lying next to him in a pool of blood…
Bingo! His first film as director and scriptwriter and Yeom Ji-ho already shows extraordinary skill. At first sight you naturally think of a Korean version of THE HANGOVER. And you’d be right, but there’s more to it than that. What starts off as a neat little dark comedy quickly changes track into far more oppressive, tense thriller territory with a grand performance by Oh Dong-min, an escapee from the KINGDOM series!

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