Teenagers have their problems and puberty can bring parents
to the brink of a nervous breakdown. You must stay calm when your
kids try to bust your balls. But Nick has one serious crisis on his hands
when Lenny, his 16-year old daughter, runs away to Istanbul to kill
a Turkish gangster. Okay, her mother was brutally murdered by the
Turkish mafia, but that’s no reason not to listen to your dad. Luckily
for Lenny, his father is not just a grieving husband, but also the war
machine of the Hamburg police, Nick is so tough that Judge Dredd
and The Punisher would shit their pants. And nobody on Earth is
allowed to hurt his daughter and he’ll go to hell and back to find her,
even if it means taking on the entire Turkish and Russian underworld.
Tatort is the most popular and longest running crime-series on German
TV. During its 30-year run, it has given birth to many characters
and when Nick Tschiller was introduced, the first episode drew more
than 12 million viewers. His incredible adventures are now on the
big screen, benefiting from the skills of Christian Alvart (Pandorum,
Case 39) behind the camera, and of Til Schweiger (Inglorious Basterds,
King Arthur, Lara Croft) as the German Jason Bourne on the screen!

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