Sarah and Spencer are depressed and unstable twins, with Sarah popping psychotropic pills as if they’re M&M’s and Spencer fighting an uphill battle with the bottle. So, it makes sense for them to leave Philadelphia for a road trip up to Vermont, a change of scenery and a breath of fresh air. Except that’s not the reason for their day out in the countryside. They’re actually heading for the Eagle Inn, a motel where exactly 24 years ago their mother died while giving birth to them and where their father mysteriously disappeared… Obviously that’s not something you easily forget and now they’re determined to dig up the truth once and for all! What really happened that day at the Eagle Inn? One thing is for sure. Nothing much has happened since that day. The wallpaper looks distinctly 90’s, if not much older. The carpet’s sticky, the corridor’s dingy and the receptionist sleepy. “Oh, you want a room for the night? You’re in luck, I’ve got one more room left!” Though that’s probably all the PR talk the guy can muster for such a sad excuse for a motel. No way there are any other guests besides them! Oh but they’re wrong, they’re so terribly wrong…
Ten points for the guy in the red shirt that was able to spot the PSYCHO and THE SHINING references just by reading that little blurb. Indeed, NIGHT AT THE EAGLE INN is not going to revolutionize the genre but it’s just so devilishly well put together that’s it’s simply a pure delight to hop on and enjoy the ride!

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