In the old days… dating was so much easier. You met each other at the prom, danced a slow and the deal was done. Now with Tinder, casual sex and friends with benefits, it’s all that more complicated. This is how we meet Deb, a charming but very timid gal that only loosens up after a couple of cocktails. After a night of heavy drinking, she wakes up in the bed of Portland’s most coveted bachelor. Deb’s in heaven and already sees their kids hopping around in the back garden of their country house. Reality quickly overtakes her when Mr. Perfect immediately ushers her out the door, ashamed that he shared the sheets with her. Deb ends up on the street for yet another walk of shame, but it will quickly turn into a run of shame because on that day there’s also a zombie apocalypse. Her attempt to survive will make her understand that it is easier to trust someone with her life, then with her heart.

We amused ourselves in 2009 with Kyle Rankin’s feature Infestation. This year, he’s back with his first zomromcom (a romantic zombie comedy like Warm Bodies or Burying The Ex). He chose an excellent cast with in the lead Maria Thayer (Game Of Power, screened at the Festival in 2009) and Ray Wise (Robocop, Twin Peaks, X-Men: First Class).

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