Who wouldn’t want to change jobs for a better life? It’s a rhetorical question and it’s exactly what Budge plans to do. Tomorrow he has an appointment with the bank to get a loan to start his own car shop with his partner. Except they ask for a down payment of 60 grand and let’s just say Budge is about 60 grand short… Luckily, he’s still a full-time criminal and he’s got a masterplan! Tonight, he’s going to buy a stash from Ukranian drug dealers by taking up an “express” loan from the dreaded Joe the Nut, sell the stuff to another client, pay back the still equally dreaded Joe the Nut and make a comfortable margin for his conversion to honest citizen. All that in 1 hour, in the middle of the night, in Belfast… It’s safe to say that, of course, not everything will go according to plan and Budge is going to do everything in his power to avoid finding out why Joe the Nut is called Joe the Nut…

Seven years after THE SURVIVALIST, Stephen Fingleton comes back with an incredibly daring thriller. If the above vaguely make you think of a déjà-vu with some tough British gangsters getting wasted and into fights in smoky bars, you’re mistaken! Prepare yourself for a hallucinating ride in a single 97-minute long sequence shot, holed up in a car, an immersive experience if there ever was one, with every choice made by lead Moe Dunford pushing him deeper and deeper into trouble!

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