Two kids, Fabrizio and Simonetta, are arrested for car theft. Francesco Cesena, a smart cop who does not like his job, and his assistant Cane, who is about the same age as the young thieves, are the ones that have to question them. Partially out of boredom and also because Simonetta intrigues him, Cesena fools the couple in believing he has something much more serious on them than car theft. Fabrizio swallows the bait, while Simonetta smells a rat but decides to play along. That night the kids tell the cops how they spend their day. It’s the story of two wasted lives who have gone completely off the rails. Cesena is so fascinated by the fragile personality of this desperate girl who seems as hard as nails, that soon he can not bear to hear more about them. But Simonetta is determined to go all the way. No Deposit, No Return by director Massimo Costa (Voglia di Rock) is a stylish, sexy take on teens with no future. It recalls a milder version of Natural Born Killers, Italian style. Costa shows a gift for highoctane screen erotics and keen directing, while the cast perform their parts with much gusto. Acclaimed actor Giancarlo Giannini (L’Innocente, Lili Marleen, A Walk in the Clouds) plays the bored cynical cop Cesana. Simonetta and Fabrizio are parts by young Tv actress Silvia De Santis and handsome Max Malatesta (Compagna di viaggo). Vincenzo Peluso (Ladro di bambini) delivers a natural performance as Cane, an inexperienced rookie cop from the South.

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